Comcast Means Paying More for Gamers and Streamers, Buy by the Gig.

In a world that is controlled more and more by internet access, wouldn’t companies want to be more aggressive at acquiring customers with deals and promotions?

Not in Comcast eyes.say no to data caps -

The past year has been a “trial” period for their new data policy where the user gets 300 gigabytes a month in data and have to shell out $10 for 50 gigs thereafter.

That makes me believe I would personally be paying $10-$30 bucks

– a month extra just because, I had a little extra free time to re-watch all the seasons of House of Cards on Netflix. With other companies such as Verizon speaking publicly about trying something similar. It’s becoming more and more obvious that given the opportunity these schemes of Data Caps and overcharging will be the norm. Net neutrality is under attack in increasing intensity day by day. Everyone should be able to access the same internet for the same price.

Putting up walls and barriers does nothing for industries like medicine or sciences that require the sharing of thoughts and ideas in order to advance the next cure or discover the next Planet in our solar system. Now I’m not saying my binge watching is the same as these great purposes but I am saying the more we restrict the access to opportunity, the less we will get from it. Advocacy groups such as Stop The Cap! has all kinds of ways to make your voice heard.

Maybe bombarding complaints to Comcast and Verizon is also a good way to force change.


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