Steam Review; Rocket League, Soccer, Racing, and Multiplayer… What More Do You Need?


Amazing game [Rocket League].

This game is so dynamic and energetic, not a second is spent bored. Non stop action with your team, always edging to get the game deciding nudge, whether it be defense or attack. You spend hours, upon hours, getting addicted and mastering your skills.

This game will make it to the massive multiplayer leagues. Rocket League will improve once they get proper class ranks, gained through playing ranked matches.

Rocket League also features in depth customization, allowing the user to ultimately customize their vehicle. This allows uniqueness, and a great ton of laughter.

Graphics of this game is amazing. If your computer isn’t the best then you’ll have to turn down the graphics a little, but your PC doesn’t need to be expensive to play the game on great graphics. Decent laptops can even play this game decently.

This game is honestly a 9/10. Rocket League has the graphics, the dynamic energetic gameplay, the competitive experience in multiplayer and more.

This review was done by NitroAussie | Jtom2k, check their steam community page HERE.

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