Loot Crate: Giving Me That Same Fuzzy Feeling of Opening a Sealed Game.

       I was scrolling through my inbox one day trying to de-clutter all the spam and junk mail we receivewpid-wp-1437892336829.jpeg on an hourly sometimes minute by minute basis when I stumbled on one from IGN Deals. I like to look at all the new gadgets and gear they have for sale. Not thinking of purchasing one but daydreaming if anything, when I see that Loot Crate was having a special promotion. Ive always been interested in the service. If you’re unfamiliar with it, Loot Crate bundles a bunch of schwag and trinkets (usually themed, sometimes of their own creation) together and sends them to your door step in a nice neat little package for a monthly fee. I saw YouTube videos of people unboxing their crates of the month and always felt jealous. So I decided to give it a go myself to see if the hype is well deserved.

First I would like to start off with the issue I had. I apparently signed up just as they where shipping the June’s crates. I must have got lost in the cloud because after about a week I started to get suspicious and then I got an email asking how I like my crate. I immediately wpid-wp-1437895487963.jpeggot in contact with their customer service who explained I wasn’t any where to be found. I gave them some more information and Debbie from Team Loot Crate was able to hash it out in a heart beat. I can’t tell you how prompt these correspondence were and how much I appreciated that. So if anything I give Loot Crate’s customer service an A+. I couldn’t receive June’s crate. Instead having to wait a little while longer for July’s but I was definitely not disappointed with what I got.

The first thing I did was carefully unfold the slots on the box because I’ve been told that they usually do something creative with them and what do you know they did, but I’ll get to that in a bit. As I start to pull the contents out one by one I couldn’t help but feel like it was Christmas in July. It’s as if Santa himself couldn’t bring the same joy I got from opening my first Loot Crate. The “presents” got better and better as I dug deeper inside. A copy of wpid-wp-1437895491364.jpegLC (Loot Crate) magazine, a Star Trek car air-freshener that smells like vanilla, a “The Legend of Zelda” wrist band, a batman multi-use tool (Ill probably just use it for the bottle opener), a code to unlock White Fang Gnash as a character to play as for Brawlhalla, a hardcover copy of “The League of Regrettable Heroes”, a Batman Q-Pop figure, a small poster of Wonder Woman, and last but not least its the actual box itself. I flipped it inside out and it turned into an apartment building. My favorite would have to be the book “The League of Regrettable Super Heroes”, it shows all the comics that are odd or didn’t seem popular at the time. I’m learning quite a bit just by flipping through the pages on the comic industry. There was a hero named Doll Man and the only super ability his poor guy got was to shrink town to a meager 6 inches.

        Overall I was very pleased with what I received in such as a small package. All the items seemed to have a lot of quality put into them that made me feel like the 19.95 purchase was worth while.  Just the feeling of opening up a box full of mystery items  was wpid-wp-1437895493967.jpegmade me feel like my purchase was a good one. I’ve decided to keep my subscription for a while longer just to see what other type of goodies the great people over at Loot Crate might surprise me with. All in all Loot Crate is definately something I would recommend. At least gift it to someone who’s a huge nerd (me please). I’ll let you know what I get by this time next month!


2 thoughts on “Loot Crate: Giving Me That Same Fuzzy Feeling of Opening a Sealed Game.

  1. Hey. Do you still have the White Fang Gnash Brawlhalla Code? If so, please let me know. I’ve been looking for it for like 6 months now. This is frustrating tho. You don’t know how happy it would make me. I would buy it but i don’t even find one on ebay.
    Again, please let me know. Thanks!


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