Steam Summer Sale confirmed to start today! Thanks PayPal..

How will the deals fall? The Steam Summer Sale dates have been confirmed by an email from PayPal. The email has been sent to a number of people already and falls directly in line with the rumored Sale dates. Which makes me very happy gamer!

The email reads as the following:

Save on Summer’s hottest games with this exclusive Steam sale.

Save on thousands of game’s during Steam’s Summer Sale starting June 11, 2015. Now’s the time to stop up on Steam Wallet codes from the PayPal Digital Gift Store, so when the sale starts, you’re ready to buy games for yourself, friends, and family.

Steam’s Summer Sale is 6/11/15 – 6/21/15.

The Russian IGN page originally suggests that the Steam Sale would begin on June 11, go into a “Sale Encore” on the 20th and end on the 22nd. That means, this week… the madness begins.

You can try all you want to keep your wallet on a leash, but we both know that the Steam Summer Sale means: Spending tons and tons of money. Last year I believe I spent a total of $50 on about 20 games! Now’s your chance to beef up that library!

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